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JAZZ Music Publishers Welcomed!

Our ORIGINAL tunes seek Jazz & Adult Contemporary Artists.


                           also  BLUES & CHRISTIAN JAZZ






                       What can I say? We can't play. We just WRITE!!







We are just asking you to check us out for possible Recording/ Performing purposes. All songs are currently free and under NO contract. Publishing is open. We will send you a CD and Lead sheet            to learn any of our tunes. 

There is a PLAYLIST near the bottom of this page of other tunes we have composed. Just click on               song TITLES below to listen.                                 


 Thank You,

 Cy Green & Jimmy Miller  About Us


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A New One!                 "Clifford's Chant" (D Minor)                                               


   CLIFFORD BROWN 1930-1956


 Clifford Brown Tribute (It has words.)

 Have you sound ON!




            "Clifford blazed across the Jazz sky ...        

                and suddenly he was gone."









                                          Since we do not perform in public,

                      We seek JAZZ Artists to do our Material.

                                                Preferably ones not known for composing. 

          We'd like to give our songs to people who can ACTUALLY take them to another level. 

                                                  Could that be YOU? 




                                      (Check out our song samples on every page.)

                                                               PLAYLIST Below




          Just give a listen

         Kick it around

         Let us know if you want to use it 







  A Non-Performers Dilemma:

                        We don't have a fan base

                                                 We don't get exposure 

                                              We don't have a manager 

                         We don't promote ourselves with advertising 

                                  No one comes and pays to see us 




         All we do is CREATE what you hear.







We look for the Up and Comers. The big names don't seem to look outside their own little click for NEW material anymore. It seems they all think they can write too. That doesn't give the non-performer much of a  chance to get a song recorded. We still believe the BEST songs are written by songwriters  who do just that. And the Artist who just performs, takes it from there. A great example would  be when SINATRA started doing COLE PORTER songs.


                               32 Years of Collaboration


              Jimmy Scalise aka/CY GREEN 





                                 JIMMY MILLER




      They came to Jazz at the tail end of that great era in                                                                              American music and that's where their roots are.







                                 We send FREE Sheet music on request.

                                                            (Along with MP3 Sample)


                                                LYRICS, MELODY, CHORD SYMBOLS



 PLAYLIST These are SONG DEMOS done with music software.



 A Part Of My Heart   LOVE BALLAD 

  Blues For Nasha   JAZZ

   Come Back Sweet Jesus   CHRISTIAN JAZZ

  Fantasy Lovers   COOL JAZZ

  (It's a) Wacko World    UP BLUES

   Slap Me Down FUN JAZZ

  The Music Of Love  BOSSA

   Wentworth Park  JAZZ BLUES


"These songwriters don't copy or emulate anyone. I find them VERY OrigInal! If I had the money, I'd produce and record their music myself."

Siegel B/  Chicago Radio 






 This music world needs NEW good Jazz & Pop material. It's starving for it.

 We believe we can add something to the pot. 



 Not just Jazz ...



                               also           POP/ BLUES and BALLADS

                                                               (All Original)



    Songs to improve your BAND!


     You can't do COVERS & STANDARDS all the time - it will get VERY boring.      





When was the last time you heard a NEW song that could move into the Standard Status?


                                               Drop Title HERE

                                                                                        Along with composer(s) NAME. 






 22 more Song Samples   CATALOG page






 Most of our songs need SINGERS.                                                                    MP3 Sample will be sent with LEAD SHEET to guide you.








                                                  You gotta' try something different!





 Make a REQUEST.

 Just give us the SONG TITLE you're interested in.


You are under no obligation - What do you have to lose?

We send FREE Lead with FULL MP3 sample.     





Any Questions? 




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