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We look for the Up and Comers! The big names don't seem to look outside their own little click for NEW material anymore. It seems they all think they can write too. That doesn't give the non-performer much of a  chance to get a song recorded. We still believe the BEST songs are written by songwriters  who do just that. And the Artist who just performs, takes it from there. A great example would  be when SINATRA started doing COLE PORTER songs.



         CY GREEN  Non-Performing Songwriter


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 This website seeks JAZZ Artists and Vocalists looking for NEW               material to record or perform. All you have to do is:


   1) Listen Up

    2) Kick it Around

    3) Let us know if you want to use it 






 We pride ourselves in writing in a more Free style. Sections in songs are sometimes repeated  differently. These are "In Home" Computerized versions EXCEPT the one you're hearing now.



  Every page on this site has a song SAMPLE.          




 A Part Of My Heart   LOVE BALLAD    (About Us)

  Blues For Nasha   JAZZ

   Come Back Sweet Jesus   CHRISTIAN JAZZ

  Fantasy Lovers   COOL JAZZ

  (It's a) Wacko World    UP BLUES

   Slap Me Down FUN JAZZ

  The Music Of Love  BOSSA

   Wentworth Park  JAZZ BLUES


 "These songwriters don't copy or emulate anyone. I find them very ORIGINAL! If I had the money, I'd record them myself."

Siegel B/  Chicago Radio 




We do not need to hear from anyone who says these songs are from an unknown source, and people in the business being afraid of Law Suites pertaining to the creators of this material. One visitor to this website actually thought the songs were so good, he could not believe no one had recorded them years ago.



Trust us! We are the creators and all material is copyrighted. 





 We seek professional ARTISTS in need of new material, since we                                                    do NOT play or perform in public. 



If you know of an Arranger/Producer to help get these songs out there, please share your ideas with us.                 

This person would be compensated for this. 







 This world needs NEW good Jazz & Pop material. It's starving for it.

 We believe we can add something to the pot. 


 Feel free to join our website.    

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 Not just Jazz ...



                               also           POP/ BLUES and BALLADS                                                                                     (All Original)




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 ... But you don't write!

You have to add NEW original material to the equation to stand out. If not, you'll just be another heard it a million times band with no surprises. Take a risk. Don't be satisfied with doing covers the rest of your life.






We present our original songs "as written" with no arrangements. (The Arrangement is on YOU!)  



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This is tradition in songwriting with roots planted deep      in Americas' great past in music. These are all                      unpublished songs and are signed to no one.




 When is the last time you heard a NEW song that could move into the Standard Status?


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 Our pride & joy ... a tribute song for CLIFFORD BROWN

      "Clifford's Chant"


     All material is copyrighted





 Most of our songs need SINGERS.                                                              MP3 Sample will be sent with LEAD SHEET to guide you.








                              You gotta' try something different!





 Maybe you're tired of rehashing Standards and need to add something                                different to your next recording or live performance. Please keep us in                                    mind, and we look forward to working with you.  



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